The Northerners Guide To Finding Chips and Gravy In London

Coming from Yorkshire you expect to be able to find one of the staples of the Northern diet anywhere in the UK, but since coming down to London I've found that the fantastic delicacy that is Chips N Gravy has not penetrated old London village yet. You can find odd little places that will do it for you, you might have to look hard though, though I've found that by chatting to London trapped Northerners you can usually find one or two dotted about the landscape - this web site is designed to aid you in finding such an establishment.

1. Do not despair - they do exist - it's not all jellied eels and cockles
2. You have to ask - they often will do it, just not put it on the menu
3. Try your local Chinese take away - there are often more around than chippies anyway
4. For some reason it seems to be easier to get Chips and Gravy in North London - probably something to do with the types communities settling here
5. Use the list below!!!
6. Help out others in a similar need by adding more locations as you find them - contact me on

North London

Camden Market Fish Bar
1 Kentish Town Road
Camden Town
London NW1 8NH
Tel: 020 7267 3935
Location Map
Comments: Just outside of the tube station looks a bit grotty but I have been reliably informed that the Chips and Gravy are "pretty good" apparently it's Bisto gravy - not to my taste but some people like it

Sun Wah
166 Ballard's Lane
London N3 2PE
Tel: 020 8349 2969
Location Map
Comments: Chinese Takeaway - Gravy not on the menu - they do the gravy in small (50p) and large (1) sizes. They also have a tendancy to put thinly sliced garlic in it unless you tell them not, but generally ok gravy

Tally Ho Fish Bar
688, High Rd
London N12 9PT
Tel: 020 8446 0773
Location Map
Comments: Traditional Fish and Chip Shop - Gravy pre-made and stored in the little polystyrene container in the fridge until you want it, they then nuke it in the microwave - tend to get fairish skin on them but the gravy is thick - you tend to get loads of chips so you'll need 2 pots - not my favorite gravy, but good if you mix in some mint sauce

Skipjacks Takeaway
270, Streatfield Rd
Middlesex HA3 9BY
Tel: 020 8204 9391
Location Map
Comments: Nothing much known about this one - was emailed it

Michael's Fish Bar
332 Holloway Road
London N7 6NJ
Tel: 020 7607 8408
Location Map
Comments: Was dashing to meet someone in the pub so I haven't had chance to check them out.

South London

Chip Shop Opposite The Falcon, Clapham
The Falcon
33 Bedford Road
London SW4 7SQ
Tel: 020 7274 2428
Location Map
Comments: "gravy is a bit risky as there's no call for it in London ;-0 the woman makes it up there and there if someone asks for it - gravy is a bit bland" quoting asterisk - Couldn't find any takeaways of chip shops using the net, so have used The Falcon as the address - Have been told it's burnt down but this is unconfirmed

West London

The Fish Pond
185 Portabella Road
Notting Hill
London W11 2ED
Tel: 020 7727 3585
Location Map
Comments: Saw it as I was wandering by to go to a leaving do so I didn't get a chance to try the Chips and Gravy - though it did look like a nice clean place - Gravy was 60p

Central London

21 Irving Street
Leicester Square
London WC2H 7LH
Tel: 020 7839 9399
Location Map
Comments: September 2015 - Chips 3:50 and Gravy 2 - chips did seem a bit crispy and the gravy a little thin but was filling and quite tasty