Main Courses and Snacks
BBQ Tuna Steaks

1 fresh tuna steak per person
Extra Virgin olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Lemon Juice
Salt (fresh ground sea salt prefered)

Rub the oil, Barbecue and lemon juice into each side.
Lightly grin the salt over each side.
Leave to marinade for about 2 hours.
Put on the hot juice for about 20 seconds then turn.
After another 20 seconds turn again.
after 8-10 minutes (5 if using a kettle BBQ) turn the steak over.
Cook for a further 8-10 minutes (5 again in a kettle BBQ) or until steak is done enough.
Serve with a salad.

Copper Pennies

2 pounds carrots
1 small onion
1 small green pepper
1 can condensed tomato soup
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup vegetable oil
3/4 cup + 2 tablespoons cider vinegar
1 teaspoon mustard
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

Peel and slice carrots into 1/4 inch thick rounds. Boil until tender. (That's TENDER...not mush!)

Whilst carrots cook, slice onion and green pepper into thin rings. Assuming you haven't sliced off anything important (like a finger) and have had to rush to the surgery at this point, place soup, sugar, oil, vinegar, mustard and Worcestershire sauce in blender and emulsify at high speed for a couple of minutes.

When carrots are tender, drain (careful...HOT!) them and cover the bottom of a 9 by 9 by 2 ('ll have to do your own metric convert!) glass baking dish (or equivalent) with a one-round thick layer of carrots...then a layer of onion, a layer of pepper, a layer of carrot, etc. Pour marinade over result and refrigerate 12 hours. Drain marinade and serve as side dish.

NOTE: Marinade makes excellent salad dressing! Shake and pour! (Also make a grand steak sauce!) Keeps well under refrigeration!!

Cheap Curry recipe.

(How strong is Madras- its a bit of a piece of string really)

1 Onion
2/3 lb of meat (minced lamb, chicken or diced lamb is best) OR 1 lb of mushrooms or half a pint of soaked chick peas.
Handful of red lentils
1 clove garlic
2 tsp Fenugreek
1 tsp each of Coriander, cumin, ginger, pepper,
1 tsp of turmeric
3 dried chillies or 12 tsp chilli powder or 2 fresh chillies
2 cardomon pods

1 tbsp or more if you like a ring stinger Hot Curry Powder (Sharwoods is a good one)
1 tin tomatoes.

GENTLY fry the spices and garlic in oil. Add the onion. When this is transparent add the meat and turn the heat up.
Add the tomatoes, chop them up. Add the lentils.

Will be done after about another 20 mins or so. For luxury, reduce down further and add a carton of natural yoghurt.

I call it 'Scrambled Egg and Pasta Sauce on Toast'

2 eggs
A little milk
2 slices of bread
1/3 large jar of pasta sauce
a small amount of grated cheese (optional)
Parsley to garnish

First scramble two eggs (To use a microwave break the eggs in to a bowl and add a little milk and some pepper to taste, beat then put in the microwave for 2 minutes, chopping up occasionally).
Then heat the pasta sauce and toast the bread.
Put a little pasta sauce on the toast, followed by the egg, and then the rest of the sauce.
Add the grated cheese to the top and grill until the cheeses is melt and bubbling.
Serve with sprig of parsley and voila!

Simple starter with a bit of brie

Take some slices of brie, wack `em on a plate. Chop up a tomato, and add that on top of the brie. Find a vinaigrette, and wack that on top. Shove them in the microwave for 2 minutes and eat hot ----- DELICIOUS

Heres a recipe for cheap paella.

Get some fish, like tuna or fresh or whatever. Fry it with a little oil, and keep frying it, until it goes really dry. Squeeze the juice out with a fish slice and really brown it. Put it to one side. Boil some rice and add a bit of turmeric for colour. Fry this with garlic, a stock cube, some sweet corn, garden peas and onions. Add the dried fish stuff near the end, and mix it up. You can also add jarred or fresh mussels (clean them thoroughly) and prawns if you can afford them. For two people it should be about a quid-fifty. Serve with a niceSpanishh red....

Egg-Fried Rice

You need:
Rice, a couple of eggs, water, a little salt. Tomato sauce (optional)

Boil the rice until tender (or if you have the time, steam it)
Drain the rice and rinse with cold water (or if you have the time, drain and leave to cool)
Heat a fry pan/wok 'till it's damn hot, with a little oil or marg
bung the rice in and fry until hot.
Add soy sauce if feel like it.
Add the egg whites
Fry until the whites are solid (and wrapped around the rice)
add the egg yolks and fry until solid.
Serve with tomato sauce for a taste sensation!

Cheesy beans on toast

You need:
Strong cheese (brie or stilton is ideal), cheddar,tin of beans, 3 or 4 slices of bread, marg.

Put beans in a bowl
Grate/chop some of the strong cheese into the beans and heat in the microwave for approx 4 mins (for a full tin of beans)
Meanwhile, toast some bread, fully on one side, a little underdone on the other. Butter the underdone side and place the toast of a plate
When the beans have done, pour them over the toast, adding whatever sauce you feel like (brown sauce is loverly)
Slice a load of cheddar over the top and toast under a medium grill until the cheese is bubbling.

Pasta Stuff

In a large pan, fry up a whole chopped onion and 2-3 cloves of garlic. Add a small tin of chopped tomatoes and juice, and some water and tomato puree if desired. Add basil, oregano, stock cube, chilli powder/cayenne pepper to taste. Add to pasta - always does the trick, for those 3'am hunger pangs.

P.S. Pasta shapes are better than spaghetti or tagliatelli for this.


Take a medium-sized onion (2.5 inches across), and chop it up finely, and put
in some hot oil in a frying pan.
Chop up 2 or 3 rashers of bacon, and add that too (optional, but helps).
Fry the lot, and keep stirring until it all browns.
Add about 1/2 a pound of beef mince, and stir till it's all brown.

In a bigger pan, put the rest of the stuff:
A few chopped mushrooms.
1 small tin red kidney beans
1 small tin Heinz beans
1 small tin chopped tomatoes (with herbs variety)
chopped red/green peppers (about enough for one big pepper - you can freeze any you have left over)

Drain off the fat from the mince, add the mince to the veg pan.
Put two sachets of instant tomato soup in a jug, and add one of those chilli OXO cubes. Mix with some boiling water, to make a thick sludge. Add this to the rest. Boil and simmer for about 25 minutes.

Make sure you cover the pan, because it spits clothes-staining red chilli as it bubbles away.

The OXO cube in all this makes a ridiculously mild chilli, but it tastes good.

This usually makes enough for four helpings, so you can freeze it for later.
Serve it up on a bed of corn chips, and eat it with your fingers. (With possible assistance from a fork).
When defrosting it later, put a chunk in the microwave on defrost, then break it up, defrost it a bit more and then warm it up. Then put it on the corn chips, slice some cheese on top, and heat the lot up together.

Optional stuff - no baked beans, just a big tin of kidney beans.
The bacon is optional.
For vegetarian, use a tin of mixed beans instead of mince, and only half the

Tips - basically a Sainsbury's plug - they do small tins of chopped tomatoes with herbs, and the 'breakfast slices' (processed bacon) are perfect - and they make great bacon sarnies too.

Okay... MASSIVE Meal for hungry weekenders...

Ya need:
1 small green pepper
1 small red pepper
5 big sticks celery
Couple of small onions
Can of tomatoes (OR pasta sauce- the latter is much tastier but expensive)
Stock cube or two (ham for preference)
Cajun spices (Schwartz- if you want to blend your own,email me for the mix)
Garlic (fresh or freeze dried)
Tabasco (optional)
Lea & Perrin's (also optional)

And... 1/2lb per person of extras,made up from any of the following...
Bacon, Ham, Pepperoni, Salami, Sausages(grilled), Prawns, Armadillo, Crocodile, Raccoon, Anything you happen to feel like...

How to make...
-Wash,deseed and finely chop peppers:peel & finely chop onions:wash & finely chop celery.Crush & chop fresh garlic if using.
-Seperate/chop other stuff(bacon/ham/pepperoni etc) into bite-size pieces.
-Melt butter in a big pan,and begin to gently fry all veg so that they soften.
-Add meats/fish/whatever and gently fry that too.
-Put some rice into a pint glass(1/4pt per person)wash rice and drain,then add to pan and fry gently for about five minutes,stirring frequently.
-Add a level teaspoon (or two >:) ) of Cajun spice to the mix,scattering evenly and stirring well.Add Tabasco & Perrin's to taste.
-Make up stock: you'll need about four times the amount of rice you put in if using pasta sauce,maybe three if you're using tinned tomatoes with juice but always make a bit more than you need(see below).
-Add stock to pan:add tomatoes/pasta sauce.
-Bring to a simmer:reduce heat,cover cook for about 20-25 minutes or until all the liquid is absorbed and the rice is soft and fluffy. If it looks like the rice has absorbed all the liquid but still isn't fully expanded,add more stock a dribble at a time...
-Stir frequently to make sure the rice on the bottom comes into contact with the liquid and expands rather than staying dry and burning.
-Eat. With Much Pleasure.
-Collapse with much pleasure.

Gid's Infamous Deep Pan Pizza Recipe
(WARNING: all measurements are very approximate)
It's quite cheap, with the real price coming from cheese and other optional
toppings. A lot of the ingredients are optional, so it's great if you don't
have much in the kitchen.

* About half a big bag of Self Raising Flour
* 3 or 4 sachets of Quick mix Yeast.
* Hand hot water
* Vitamin C tablets or powder (quite important)
* Honey (preferably liquid)
or Glucose powder (alternative)
or Sugar (very poor alternative)
* A little Draught Guinness (optional)
* Salt (very important)
* Oil, preferably Olive/Sunflower mixture.
* Passata (optional)
* Tomato puree
* Fresh or Freeze Dried Basil (lots)
or normal Dried Basil (poor alternative)
* Fresh or Freeze Dried Oregano
or normal Dried Oregano (poor alternative)
* Black Pepper
* Couple of handfuls of grated cheese
(about one Sainsbury's bag of Mozzarella per pizza if possible)
* Toppings

This makes however many pizzas as you want, but no more. This pizza dough shares a similar dimensional construction to the Tardis.

- Get a jug or so of hand hot water and dissolve in the honey.
- Add a few large pinches of salt
- Add about 1 tbsp of Vitamin C powder, or about 4 small tablets.
- Dissolve well, and *then* add tones of yeast.
- A little Guinness does wonders here. Just until it goes from the yeasty pale brown to a golden brown.
- Pour this into a mixing bowl (very large) If possible, warm the bowl a little in the hot (220 C) preheated oven which you have undoubtedly switched on by now..
- Chuck in a lump of Self Raising flour.
- Mix with a big wooden spoon (make sure it's got a strong handle) until there are NO LUMPS. If you've added the right amount of flour, the mixture should be porridge consistency. Otherwise, add flour / water to adjust.
- When it's mixed well, add more flour and mix until the spoon breaks, or a very heavy sticky dough is sitting in front of you. If the dough isn't sticky, add warm water and mix.
- Cover your hands and the table in oil.
- Transfer the lump of dough to the table.
- Pour on oil, and knead, adding oil until the dough is the consistency of a wet frog. The squidgier the better.
- Spin in the air, and show off until the dough is sitting nicely in the greased non-stick pizza pan that has been warming in the oven. If you've done it well, the edges should be slightly thicker than the middle. I make the dough about 0.5" thick in the middle, so that it is about 1" thick when cooked. If you do this, make sure the pan is preheated well, otherwise it won't cook.
- Lightly brush with oil.
- Scatter very lightly with flour
- Cook until light golden-brown.
- Meanwhile, mix a little oil, water, tomato puree and Passata in a small saucepan with *lots* of Fresh Basil and Oregano. Add lots of black pepper for a slightly spicy pizza, and onion bits if you're that way inclined. If you add garlic, you should be shot at dawn - it's sacrilege. The sauce should be pourable, but not liquid.
- Pour the sauce on the cooked base and sprinkle with cheese.
- Add toppings and finely chopped fresh Basil and Oregano.
- Cook until cheese is just beginning to toast.
- Eat with beer and Haagen-Dazs.

Tagliatelle a la carbonara

Easy, Tasty, quick, cheap


pack of 10 slices of cooked ham
3 rashers bacon
Bit of parmesan cheese
Chunk of cheddar (3 x 8 x 10 cm) or about a quid of mild stuff
4 eggs
salt pepper
olive oil

1) cook up pasta (any shape will do)
2) dice ham and bacon - fry in oil and butter
3) meanwhile, grate cheese and add 4 eggs to it. Mix well with the parmesan too
4) when the pasta is done, drain it and slap it back in the pot.
5) add the ham/bacon/fat to the pasta and mix
6) heat on low for this - add the mixture to the pasta/ham/bacon
7) stir well until egg begins to solidify then take it off quick. NO OMELETTES
8) Serve with black pepper and more OMELETTES + salad

Above recipe serves 5 with 1kg of pasta. V filling, and cost about a fiver.

Curry recipe


* 2 large onions, crushed
* 1 garlic clove crushed
* 40g butter
* 550g lean pork, diced
* 15 ml flour
* 15-30 ml curry powder, according to taste
* 227g can pineapple chunks, drained
* 15 ml tomato puree
* 50g raisins or sultanas
* 15ml lemon juice
* a bay leaf
* 5 ml ground ginger
* 300ml stock or water
* 150ml fresh milk

Fry onions and garlic in butter until pale gold. Add pork and stir fry for 5 mins. Stir in flour and curry powder. Add remaining ingredients and bring to the boil. Lower heat, cover and simmer gently for 1 - 1.5 hours until pork is tender. Stir frequently. Serve with rice or pasta.

Note: I find the amount of curry powder specified a little on the safe side. I've been working gradually up through it.. next time I'm trying the maximum.

Citrus Fish

- Take one piece of fresh fish (e.g. cod, haddock)

- Place on a lightly oiled sheet of tin foil

- Add parsley, grated rind of orange and lemon, peeled segments of said orange
and lemon

- Fold the foil round it all in a nice little package (leaving some air in

- Stick it in the oven on Gas Mark 5 for 15 minutes.

Well, I liked it... fairly cheap as well.

Student quick- egg fried rice thingie

You'll need!

No frills Rice
Some quick egg noodles( optional)
3 eggs
Red peppers (optional)
No frills Ham slices
Vegtable Oil
Black pepper
Soy sauce

ok so here we go , this takes about 15 mins to do!
1. set rice + noodles boiling in saucepan
2. Break & whisk eggs
3. Microwave eggs at high for about 2 1/2 - 3 mins
4. While it is microwaving chop up mushrooms, a few ham slices , peppers , and put in microwave for the last minute
5. When rice and noodles have boiled at about 10 mins , put some oil in frying pan, and chuck in rice noodles,mushrooms,sliced up ham, peppers, frozen peas
6. take cooked egg out m/wave and chop it up a bit and also stick in pan
7. Stir & Fry the stuff in pan for about 5 mins, and while doing this add in a fair bit of soy sauce, and as much black pepper depending on how hot you like it!
That's it, and beleive me its awesome!

Pommes au gratin

sliced par-boiled taters
covered in a mix of

melted butter
full cream milk
2 eggs
2 chopped cloves of garlic
all whisked up poured over the taters and baked in the oven until set and the taters are soft.

Swiss Rosti

Boil potatoes, grate potatoes
cut onion into little bits
cut bacon into little bits
bung it all in frying pan with oil
turn over a few times

Spanish Omelette

Bung everything together

Chinese Chicken

get some chicken
red and green peppers
lots of black bean sauce
lots of cinnamon
lots of black pepper
lots of Chinese five spices
bamboo chutes
water chestnuts
fry the lot up and eat

Arabian Fodder

To start, chop some onions and fry them. Add about 2 tsp paprika and a similar amount of mint. This should start to smell very nice. Now, add 1/4 tsp (no more!) cinnamon and (if desired) a similar amount of mixed spice.

Add washed red kidney beans (from a tin) and stir. Keep stirring, otherwise this will stick! Now add some tomato puree until it's fairly red - not too much, or you'll lose the flavour.

Next is lamb stock - about 1/4 pint should be sufficient, but use a whole lamb stock cube. If you can't get lamb, then use chicken instead (cheap! ), and add this to the conglomeration. This should start to smell like a lamb stew affair.

What next, well reduce the amount of liquid by about 1/3, so that it thickens a little. You don't want it too thick - if however you think at this point that it could do with thickening, add flour in 1 tsp amounts and stir in slowly, allowing the flour to mix well.

Add the lamb. Now it should be chopped into pieces about 1" cubed. It doesn't matter if it's not done perfectly; however try and be accurate. You may find that this stuff needs some more tomato puree; if so, use it ad lib. (guess who likes tomato puree?)

Funstuff! now for a FEW currants. This is not really a sweet-and-sour dish, but if you allow it to cook for a few minutes the currants will absorb the flavour of the lamb and the rest of the stock.

Serve with couscous

Marinade Lamb

make up a marinade of mint, meat stock, black pepper, red wine and a little cayenne (cayenne is optional)
marinade the lamb for at least 20 mins, then grill or preferably barbecue till cooked

meanwhile cook the couscous as instructed by the pack (it's really easy) chop dried apricots and dates into bite size pieces and add, together with the currants, to the couscous
mix well

serve the lamb on a bed of the couscous mix with the rest of the wine to drink

if you want you could reduce the marinade and thicken with a little (corn)flour to form a sauce and pour this over the lamb just before serving

Bacon & Cheese Toasties.

2 slices of bread
2 slices of bacon
Sandwich Pickle
Cheddar Cheese

1. Bung bread in toaster.
2. Spread toast with Sandwich Pickle.
3. Sprinkle grated cheese generously on top.
4. Shred bacon into strips and add on top cheese.
5. Grill on low heat until bacon is cooked and cheese is melted.

(Peppers and other stuff may be added in according to taste)

Turkish fruit and veg pilaff.

amount of ingredients is up to you really.

1 fry onion and garlic and a few quarters of aubergine in a wok or pan.
2 Add as much rice as you want to eat, and fry for a couple of minutes.
3 Add a small tin of chopped tomatoes
4 add vegetable or chicken stock, red, yellow, and green peppers
5 add raisins, apricots, and a few bay leaves and simmer till all the rice has absorbed the water.

Chinese lemon chicken.

chicken breast (cut into small chunks or cubes)
one lemon
white, long grain rice
soy sauce (unnecessary but very tasty)
red onion (although white will do)
chestnut mushrooms (although any will do)
one apple, grated

put the rice on to boil, this should take fifteen minutes at the most.
finely chop the onion and the mushrooms and place in a wok for stir-frying.
add the chicken the the wok, once the mushrooms and onion are becoming slightly caramelized, and fry until cooked. add the soy sauce and the grated apple to the wok and stir until thoroughly mixed.
the rice should be cooked by this time and so drain the rice and tip into the wok, along with the juice of one half lemon. stir the mixture thoroughly for about two minutes and then serve with a chilled muscadet.

**NB** if only cooking for one then cut down on the amount of lemon juice otherwise this might as well become sour and sour chicken with rice...

Game for Game

You'll need some of these:

Venison, potatoes, carrots, brussels sprouts, turnips (swedes will do, and Danes at a pinch *grins*), madeira (or other fairly sweet red wine), corn flour, butter, milk, orange rind and juice, heated cooking fat.

It's best if you can get venison steak - it's easier to cook.

Right. Cut the carrots into Julienne strips and do the same to the swedes.
Start to steam them. At the same time, cook the brussels sprouts.

Peel the spuds and put about half of them on to boil. Put the others into the cooking oil.

Now, make your sauce. Put the right amount of butter into a saucepan, and melt it. Then add the corn flour to make a roux. Next, enough milk to thin the sauce. Boil slowly.

Add the madeira to the sauce stock and simmer slowly, to reduce the liquid. Add the orange rind and juice, and mix in.

Have a frying pan with some more hot oil in to fry the steak in. A nice variation is to put a little dried mixed herbs into the oil as it heats. Fry the venison well so that it's well-cooked. Take it out, put it on some grease-proof paper and into a HOT over to keep hot and also to dry.

Drain the boiling vegetable and serve. Remove the other spuds from the hot oil and serve. Put the meat on the plate and pour some sauce over.

Venison Ago-go

Lump of venison
Black beans
Red wine
Green Chilli
Leeks (medium size)
stock (pint or so )

Ok soak the beans over night and rinse
Cut the meat into bite size chunks
and the spuds also
slice the onion and finely chop the Chilli (be careful)
cut the leaks into 1 inch lengths (chunks)

brown the meat (using a tiny bit of olive oil)
(do this in batches)
once all the meat is browned bung it all in a pan and add a glug of wine keep that on a low heat for a few mins just to add a bit of flavor to the meat

Par Boil Potato and Leeks
in another pan near cremate the onions and add chillies at last minute
stir together for a minute and throw this mixture together with the meat into a casserole dish thingy.

add these and the stock and beans and another glug of wine to the casserole
bung on a lid (preferably one that doesn't allow the liquid to bubble out

and slam the whole thing in an oven on the equivalent to 180 C (baby bellings r us) for about ooohh 45-60 mins ........keep an eye on the bugger
its ready (if like me you forget when you put it in ) when the black beans are as soft as baked beans (you get the jist )
it will probably look like a soggy mess........bung a dollop of framrge frais stuff or sour cream on top and that's it

Mushroom & Chestnut Casserole

Measurements aren't crucial.
chestnuts(either fresh or dried, if dried, then soak overnight, and boil in soaking liquid),
root vegetables- e.g. carrots, parsnips.
A bottle of nice red wine,
bay leaf,
juniper berries,
Perhaps a wee dash of mustard.

First, put chestnuts in to boil. The chestnuts only need boiling for a few minutes - it's really so you can get the shells off, and if you boil them too long, then they disintegrate as you peel them.(about 5-10 mins)
Then slice mushrooms and onions, and fry until soft in a little olive oil.
Drain chestnuts and shell them (obviously not necessary if they were dried).
Peel and chop root vegetables.
Chuck the whole shebang into either a slow cooker or casserole dish and add a good few glasses of wine, the chestnut cooking liquid if using dried chestnuts, a bay leaf, a few juniper berries, & some allspice berries.
Cook for about 4/5 hours in slow cooker, or 1 1/2 to 2 in casserole dish.
Serve in bowl with lots of nice crusty bread to mop up juices, perhaps some grated cheese sprinkled on top, and the rest of the bottle of wine.
If using casserole dish (I've only ever done this in slow cooker) then try parboiling potatoes, slicing, and putting them on top, like a lid.


Ingredients :-
3 Chicken Breast, in medium size pieces (about 2 cm cubed)
6 Chicken Thighs, as above
3 Corgettes
2 Red Capsicum
6 Plum Tomatoes
2 Chilies
Some chopped fresh coriander
Some fresh chopped ginger
250g Apricots (dried)
250g Figs (dried)
Olive Oil
For the couscous itself
500g couscous
500ml water
30g Butter

Seal the pieces of chicken by frying them in a little olive oil until they are white all over.
Put the chicken, the corgetetes, sliced, the peppers, chopped into large pieces, the tomatoes, chopped into quarters, the chillies, sliced, and all the rest of the ingredients (except the couscous and all the water) into a casserole dish and mix together.
Season with salt and black pepper.
Add water until it is just bellow the top of the ingredients. Cover the casserole and cook on a low light (about gas mark 2) for at least 3 hours.
This dish can be cooked for a long time with no harm coming to it.

Stir the stew occasionally.

When you are ready to eat, put the 500ml of water into a pan. Bring it to the boil and add the couscous and butter. Turn off the heat and stir the mixture together until all the water has been absorbed. leave the garain to stand for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Put the couscous in a large serving dish and spoon the stew into the center of it.

Cheapy cheapy pasta sauce.

Onion, Garlic, Tinned toms, tom puree, veggie stock cube.

Fry onion and garlic for two minutes
add tomato things
spin around
mix till bubbly
crumble stock cube in
mix more
put onto pasta.

Chop Suey

most of the stuff is optional, just bung in what you like!!!
3 oz. Lean pork
1/2 Pork kidney
1 Soaked Squid (optional)
1/2 C. Small shrimp
3 oz. Barbecued pork or ham
1 Bamboo shoot (cooked)
1 Carrot (cooked)
1 Green pepper
2 oz. Spring onion (leeks)
5 oz. Bean sprout
2 oz. Rice noodles or Vermicelli
2 T. Soy sauce (seasoning sauce)
2 t. Salt (seasoning sauce)
1 t. Sugar (seasoning sauce)
1 t. Sesame oil (seasoning sauce)
1/4 t. Black pepper (seasoning sauce)
5 C. Oil


1.Cut all of ingredients into string shape except shrimp.
2.Heat oil very hot, fry the rice noodles until puffed and golden (only 3 seconds each side). Remove to platter and crush finely.
3.Use the same oil to fry pork, kidney, squid and shrimp about 1/2 minute, remove from pan and drain oil.
4.Heat 5T. oil in frying pan, stir fry barbecued pork, bamboo shoot, green pepper, and bean sprout, about 1/2 minute. Add the fried ingredients (pork, kidney, squid and shrimp) and spring onion; mix well. Add the seasoning sauce; stir fry thoroughly, pour over fried rice noodles. Serve hot.

For Babylon 5 fans - BAGNA CAUDA

As anyone who attended the Garibaldi's Birthday Party at CapriCon can attest, bagna cauda not only exists, it is very good. Here is a recipe:

Start with a pint of extra virgin olive oil. Measure out about 1/4 cup, and set the rest aside. In this 1/4 cup olive oil, cook twelve medium cloves garlic, crushed or minced, and one small can (approx. 12) anchovies, minced (I use kitchen scissors on the anchovies). Cook this down into a paste.

Melt 2 sticks of butter (this is 1/2 pound, American, or approx. 225 grams -- and yes, this is more than Garibaldi used) and add the rest of the olive oil. When this is hot (not boiling, but hot) add the garlic/anchovy mixture, and cook for a few minutes. Serve in something that will keep the bagna cauda hot, with soft bread sticks, and vegetables.

A Traditional German Recipe
This is from the region in Germany and it's really cheap to make!

Mixed Herbs
Cheese (Sheep's cheese is the best, but you could use cheddar)
1 egg

Slice the potatoes and the onion very thinly and fry in the oil until tender.
Chop the cheese into cubes and stir in just as the potatoes are ready (it's not supposed to melt completely).
Sprinkle with herbs.
In a seperate pan fry the egg.
Place the potatoes on a plate, put the egg on top, and serve with salad and black bread.

The best thing is that if it'll fry, you can add anything to this that you happen to have handy...

Spicy chicken/turkey

two turkey/chicken breasts,
Virgin olive oil
1/4 tspn Cayenne pepper.
1/2 tspn Corrriander.
1/2 tspn of Oregano.
Light soy sauce
Dark soy sauce
Worcestershire sauce
Black pepper
White pepper

Put the olive oil in a bowl. Add the cayenne, coriander oregano, a good grind of pepper, and some salt. Then add about 8 dashes of dark soy sauce, 12 dashes of light soy sauce, 6 dashes of Worcestershire sauce. Mix it up a bit.
Slash the breasts a bit, wack them in the bowl, stir them around a bit so that the mixture coasts them. Leave for about 20 mins.
Heat some nut oil in a frying pan, and then fry the breasts for between 3 and 6 mins a side depending how thick. Serve with some cumin fried rice or similar.

Chewy bread Sandwich

Ryvita crisp bread + Jam

This idea is ideal for cycling journeys, short quick lunches etc.
Put a liberal amount of jam on the bumpy side of the Ryvita.
Cover with another Ryvita slice (bumpy side down)
Make it the night before, or pack it in with some normal sandwiches when travelling and you will find the Ryvita absorbs moisture and is deliciously chewy and bendy!
(Absorbing the moisture is the important bit - something which I stumbled
on by accident :)

Stuffed Pancakes.

You need: Some pancake mixture (as much as you want)

A tin or two of corned beef (you can use mince for this too)
2 large onions
1 stock cube
Tomato puree

Peas (frozen or raw)
Carrots (ditto)
Mushrooms (ditto)
2 cloves garlic

I know the measurements are rough but I don't tend to measure; I just make a vague amount and use that. It normally works

Okay - chop the onions fairly finely, and the carrots too if you're using them.
Likewise the mushrooms - don't forget to scald them and rinse them before chopping; this gets rid of all the gunge (I'm starting to sound like Keith Floyd here).

If you're using mince, fry it well in just a little oil for a few minutes, until it's nice and brown.
Add the onions at this point and the garlic if you're using it, and fry for a couple of minutes. [Note: never fry garlic too long on its own; it goes very bitter.]
Add the carrots and peas and mushrooms and keep stirring, mixing the meat in well there with the vegetables.
Add the stock and the bisto, so it forms a nice thick, rich sauce (you may want to add a little butter at this point just to make it even richer). It doesn't want to be set solid; use your (excellent) judgment.
Tomato puree will add a little je ne sais quoi to it; squirt it in fairly freely.

And voila! A very quick, very cheap and easy-to-make filling for pancakes.

"Poor Soup"

A soup I made yesterday from very cheap ingredients. It's actually quite rich and tasty; the name refers to the fact that you can get hold of everything for well under a fiver (if you don't have it in the cupboard anyway) and it will last for days.

You need:
1/2 white cabbage (the hard football type)
4 large-ish carrots
2 large onions
1 1/2 pints of chicken stock (from a cube is fine)
3 tbsp vegetable oil
6 oz pasta twirls, shapes, whatever
2 tins chopped tomatoes (or peeled, whatever)
1 tin condensed tomato soup
mixed herbs (optional)


The key to this soup is not to chop the vegetables (other than the onions) too finely. With this in mind, slice the onions and fry in the heated oil for a couple of minutes. Add the herbs now if you're using thing (this ensures as even a distribution as possible) and then the stock. Stir briefly and simmer for a minute or so.
Peel and chop the carrots, then core and slice the cabbage before adding the PASTA to the stock and allowing to cook for a minute.
Then add the chopped tomatoes to the mixture and stir well. (Still with me? good!! )
Add in the chopped carrots and the cabbage and mix as well as you can. Is the saucepan almost overflowing? yes? Good, you're doing it right!!!
After a minute or two, add the condensed soup; this both thickens (slightly) the mixture and plays the role of tomato puree in adding flavour.
Simmer gently for a few minutes, but take care to stir; the pasta has a nasty habit of sticking. Don't worry, too, if it cooks down; this just helps thicken the soup.

Serve hot, with bread & cheese as desired.

You can add more to this soup - carrots, cabbage, onions, peas, sweet corn - as desired. I wouldn't recommend potatoes, though. They will cook down and go a little gooey in the soup, especially if you keep heating it up (as I do). Don't worry, either, if the vegetables are crunchy; it's nicer that way (I think)

Alternative corned beef hash.

You need:
1 tin corned beef
1 large onion
2 large potatoes, chopped
2 tbsp vegetable oil
3/4 pint stock & Bisto (alternatively use gravy granules, 3/4 pt)


Chop the onions and cube both the potatoes and the corned beef.
Heat the oil and add the onions; fry well.
Add in the corned beef and potatoes, stir well.
Add in the gravy and mix well; cook until the potatoes are soft. Serve alone or with bread.

Alternative Alternative Corned Beef Hash.

Chop an Onion and Cube 5 new potatoes or 3 normal potatoes.
Chop a red pepper.

Fry all the above until they look happy.

Now add a tin of tomatoes, some garlic, some red wine, Tabasco sauce, tomato puree, lots of pepper, some salt.

Allow to reduce until it just begins to thicken. Now add your chopped corned beef (one tin). Stir a little, then leave to simmer until the source reaches the correct consistency.

(Note - this will feed two, or one if you're hungry)

Honey & mustard roast beef

You need:
joint of beef
mixed herbs
garlic salt
red wine
gravy granules/Bisto


Clean the beef as usual before laying on a slatted base (i.e.. the part of the grill with huge gaps in it) and laying the base on a roasting tin. Put two half-teaspoons of honey (more if it's a large joint) in the tin itself. Now turn your attention to the beef.
Smear a generous amount of mustard over all the visible sides of the beef - i.e. the top and the two ends. Don't worry about the underneath. When you've covered it in mustard, sprinkle over a generous quantity of mixed herbs. Season lightly with garlic salt. Then about half-fill the baking tray with cold water and cover the whole lot with foil, tucking the foil under the lip of the tray to form a seal. Roast for the usual length of time.
When done, remove the beef from the tray and pop it back in the oven to keep warm while you prepare the sauce. Stick the baking tray on the stove and bring rapidly to a boil, stirring occasionally. If you're using Bisto then make up enough to make a rich, thick sauce, otherwise add 3 or 4 tsp of gravy granules to the liquid. Reduce a little before adding the red wine. Stir well and reduce to about 3/4 of its original volume (warning: this will not take very long!). Pour the sauce into a jug, slice beef & serve with vegetables,etc.

Alternative Roast Beef:

Prepare a marinade with about 4tbsp of soy sauce and 2 spring onions (finely chopped), and pour this over the beef 1 hr before cooking. Turn over and reapply the marinade after 30 mins.

For interesting results, add one chopped chili to the marinade.

Cook and serve as usual.

Filling Sandwich

The ingredients for the following sandwich may look expensive, BUT the total cost for two rounds (4 slices of bread) was about 3 quid. Compare that with 1.20 - 2.00 for your packets of sandwiches (just 2 slices of bread - 1 round).

1 Packet of Proscuito di Specca
1 Ball of Mozzarella
4 Slices bread
Marge or butter
Dried basil (or chopped fresh if available)

Butter your bread and later the proscuito (there should be enough in a packet to have a spare piece left over).
Drain the mozzarella, squeeze out MOST of the water and slice into about 8.
Layer the mozzarella on the proscuito (1 ball should be just enough).

Sprinkle some dried basil on top of the cheese and close the sandwich.

The sandwiches should be left a few hours (I normally have about 6 hours between making and eating). This allows the moisture in the mozzarella to work on the dried basil.

Stuffed cabbage (Holleshkis)

1 large head cabbage
1 pkg beef mince (roughly 1 1/2 lbs / 700g) (don't get the very low fat kind)
2 large tins peeled raw tomatoes in puree (crushed will suffice)
2 tbsp matzo meal (plain bread crumbs will suffice if you haven't got this)
2 tbsp rice, uncooked (American long-grain is best)
1/2 medium onion, grated
juice of 3-4 lemons
8-9 tbsp sugar
handful kosher salt (or a couple generous pinches table salt)

Cut a cross in the bottom of the cabbage.
Boil water in a large pot (big enough to fit the cabbage--do the water about halfway up).
Put the cabbage in, cover, and cook for about 10mins.
Take out and begin peeling the leaves off--the should be soft enough to roll up. you may find that as you get to the inside the leaves are under cooked--if this happens, put the cabbage back in and steam some more.

Line the bottom of a big pot with cabbage leaves (but save the best ones for stuffing). Add the tomatoes, lemon juice, sugar, and salt.
Bring to a boil whilst you stuff the cabbage.

Mix the mince, egg, matzo meal, onion, and rice in a small bowl.
Take a cabbage leaf and put a small spoonful of the filling towards the bottom of the leaf.
Fold the bottom up to cover the filling, then the sides. roll up, tightly.
Place in pot with sauce (lower the heat) Don't try putting too much filling in--the leaves will burst. This dish was devised as a way to stretch meat and make sure you roll them tightly or the filling won't stay in.

After all the leaves are stuffed, cover the pot and turn the heat down.
Simmer for 3 hours, then taste for seasoning--the sauce should be pleasantly sweet-and-sour. Adjust the lemon juice and/or sugar if needed.

Can be served on its own as a starter., or served with egg noodles or rice as a main dish.

Winter Chicken Casserole

Pour some extra virgin olive oil in the bottom of a casserole dish.
Place a sliced onion in the dish.
Chop a chilli (I use a Habernero at this stage) and put on top of the onion.
Slice and add a couple of courgettes.
Slice and add 2 - 3 carrots.
Slice and deseed a capsicum (I prefer red here for both flavour and colour) and once more add to the dish.
Cube 4 chicken breasts and add to the pot.
Chop some more chillies (here I use a couple of Bird Eye) and add to the pot.
Add a handful of chopped basil and a couple of handfuls of chopped rosemary, some fresh ground black pepper and some salt (I use soy sauce instead).
Put over half a jar of Passatta, some more extra virgin olive oil, a third - half a bottle of soft red wine (i.e. a Madiran) and about 300 ml of water.
NOTE - at this point the pot has not been stirred.

Put the lid on the pot and put in the oven at Gas Mark 3.
After 1 hour, take out of the oven, stir well and taste the sauce for seasoning. Add more seasoning if required.
Recover and put back in the oven for another half an hour.
Once more remove the pot, stir well and taste for seasoning, adjusting if required.
Recover and put back in the oven. Start cooking your accompaniment.

I serve with tagliattelli, however you may prefer to serve it with boiled or mashed potatoes.

Veal Romano

I don't know how really classically Italian this is, but it's commonly served in local restaurants. it involves a fair amount of preparation but it's delicious. I've seen it made with chicken as well, and I suppose vegetarians could omit the meat entirely and just do it with eggplant.

1 package (600g? pound and a bit) veal cutlets or scallops
1 large eggplant (aubergine, oops)
750mL (ish) tomato sauce
350g (ish) (about 12oz) mozzerella cheese, grated
approx. 1/2 cup freshly grated Parmesan or Romano cheese
500g whole-milk ricotta cheese
2 eggs
2 tbsp (ish) milk
1/2 cup (ish) flour (erm... I THINK 50g but there's no real need to measure)
dash salt
dash pepper
1/2 tsp or so dried oregano
oil for frying (you could use Crisco too if you like that)
Rico (I have no idea how much)
Coarse or kosher salt

Peel the eggplant with a knife. (if you want, you can rub a cut lemon on the peeled sides to prevent it going brown.)
Cut off the ends and slice crosswise (the short way) thinly (about 1/4 inch).
Sprinkle with kosher or coarse salt and set aside.
Allow to sit for 5-10 mins while frying the veal.

Pat the veal dry.
Beat one of the eggs with the milk.
Dip each cutlet into the mixture, then roll around in the Rico.
Heat oil in a skillet (180C or so)--there should be enough to cover the bottom, but the cutlets shouldn't be submerged.
Place the cutlets in the oil and fry till browned on each side (this should only be a couple of minutes per side). Place on paper towels to drain.

With a paper towel, pat off the excess water and salt from the eggplant. Mix the flour with the dash of salt and pepper.
Roll each slice in the flour and place on a plate.
Heat more oil in a skillet.
Fry the eggplant slices till browned on each side.
You'll probably have to do several batches.
Drain on layers of paper towels.

Place the ricotta in a large bowl.
Add the second egg, beaten, and mix well.
Stir in the oregano and a handful of the mozzerella.

To assemble:

In a 9"x13"x2" casserole or Pyrex dish, spoon some tomato sauce over the bottom.
Tilt the pan so the sauce covers it in a fairly thin layer.
Lay the veal over the sauce, and cover it with half the ricotta mixture, spreading it towards the edges.
Place half the eggplant slices on top.
Spread the remaining ricotta, then the remaining eggplant.
Cover with sauce.
Sprinkle the remaining mozzerella and the shredded parmesan over the top.

Bake in a preheated 350F/180C/GM4 oven till the cheese bubbles, maybe 25mins. (this is a casserole, not a cake. I never pay attention to timing or measuring!!!)

Serve with pasta and tomato sauce if you like.

Blackened Chicken Breasts

1 chicken breast per person
Black Pepper
Low-fat spread (or butter)

Take a mallet or other suitable implement and beat the chicken breasts until they're as thin as they're like ot go without too much effort or falling apart.

Mix the herbs and spices on a plate or in the lid of a casserole dish. How much you use of each is entirely up to personal taste, just make sure the mixture is mostly Thyme.

Spread the spread/butter on the chicken breasts (both sides) and cover them in the herb/spice mixture.

Heat up a frying pan or wok to its utmost heat capacity. Cowardice is fatal.

Put the breasts in (no oil should be involved) and listen to them sizzle. You may find it advisable to a) not smell the smoke and b) open a window. If you like you can press them down for a comforting sizzling noise.

When the herb/spice mixture on both sides is black, and the breasts themselves look cooked, put them on a plate and eat them. Salad and potatoes go well.

Chicken Tarragon

3 whole chicken breasts, skinned (no bones)
1/4 cup flour
1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter
1 tbsp freshly chopped tarragon or dill (we use from the container)
1 tbsp green onions or shallots
1/4 cup dry white wine
1/2 cup chicken broth
1/2 cup heavy cream

Preparation -
Sprinkle the chicken with salt and pepper. Dredge the chicken in the flour; reserve the remaining flour. In a large skillet, heat 3 tbsp of butter and brown the chicken on both sides. Transfer chicken to a heated platter (or another warm skillet temporarily). Add onions/shallots to skillet and briefly saute. Add wine. Cook until nearly evaporated, scraping brown particles into the liquid...add reserve flour and stir to make a paste. Sprinkle tarragon into paste and stir in broth. Return the chicken to the first skillet. Cover and cook until tender (25-30 minutes). Transfer chicken to warm second skillet, and add the butter and cream to the paste, stirring the sauce. Serve chicken, pouring sauce over the chicken. Garnish with fresh tarragon and colorful vegetables.

Beef stew

2 lbs-ish stew beef, cubed (2 American size packages, I guess they're just over a pound each)
pinch salt
pinch pepper
2 cans Campbell's condensed tomato soup
1.5cups (375mL) water
4 onions, chopped
1 tsp dried basil
handful kosher salt (or a teaspoon or so of regular)
Red potatoes, cut up
carrots, peeled, cut into 1" pieces

mix the flour with the pinch of salt & pepper. Coat the meat thoroughly.
Heat some oil (enough to cover the bottom of the pan) in a large Dutch oven. Add the meat and cook till browned.
Add the onions, the soup, and the water; mix well. add the kosher salt and the basil. Bring to a boil, then cover, turn the heat down, and cook for an hour.
Add the vegetables and cook another 45min - 1hr, till they're tender.
Cook uncovered for the last 10mins or so if the gravy needs thickening.

Lokshen kugel

1 lb medium egg noodles
6 eggs
1c (7 oz/200g) sugar
1/4 lb (110g) butter, melted
5 heaping scoops (with ordinary tablespoon) sour cream
4 heaping scoops cottage cheese (pref. large curd pot style).

Cook noodles according to package directions; drain.
Beat eggs in large bowl. Beat in sugar. Stir in butter. Add sour cream and cottage cheese; mix well. Stir in noodles.
Pour into Pyrex or casserole dish (2L size or maybe a bit bigger--I usually add another 3rd onto the base recipe and have a 9"x13"x2" which goes a bit too high). (The casserole should be one which allows a dark crust to develop on the bottom.)

Bake at 350F/180C/GM4 about 45 minutes, until the top is brown and crusty. Let cool for a few minutes, then cut into squares.

Stir Fried Beef with Chilli's and Orange

Thinly sliced beef
Thinly sliced and deseeded de seeded (must be deseeded so use type and quantity
for heat)
Oil for stir frying
Mandarin Orange Sauce (I used Wo Hup label - available from Wing Yip supermarkets for ~85p)

Heat the oil (I used a combination of groundnut and sesame oil) in the pan and add the chilli's.

When the chilli's start to soften add the beef and stir fry till near done.

Add a couple of teaspoons of the sauce (the one I used had the consistency of treacle) and carry on stir frying.

Serve with noodles or rice

Chicken in garlic

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
4 tbsp butter or olive oil (depending on preference)
As much garlic as you can stand, minced
Squeeze lemon juice
Paprika (sweet not hot)

Melt the butter in a skillet. Add the garlic and cook briefly. Add the chicken breasts, sprinkle with paprika (makes it go brown), and cook on both sides. time will vary depending on thickness--just cut it open to check, when it's not pink, it's done).
Remove the chicken and place on dish. Add a squirt or two of lemon juice (carefully), then pour sauce over chicken.

Serve with pasta or rice to soak up the garlic. Do not serve on a date.

Latkes (potato pancakes)

potatoes, peeled (enough to make 3 cups when grated)
2 eggs, beaten
1/2 onion, grated
2 tbsp matzo meal
oil for frying

Grate the potatoes into a bowl full of water. Drain, and place on layers of paper towels. Squeeze till you've gotten as much water out as possible.
Mix the potatoes, eggs, onions, matzo meal, salt, and pepper.

Heat the oil in a skillet. Drop the batter in by heaped spoonfuls, flattening slightly, and fry till browned on both sides.

One of Each Soup

1 Stick of celery
1 Med/Lge carrot
1 Med/Lge onion
2 tins chopped toms (with herbs if poss)
1 mug lentils well rinsed and drained DO NOT SOAK (the orange ones)
1.5 pints stock (use beef or veg cubes)
packet of frankfurters (optional and add to appetite/budget)

Chop celery,carrot & onion as finely as poss, you are looking for tiny tiny cubes here.
Heat a little oil or butter just a tiny bit and fry the diced veg for a couple of mins.
Now add the lentils (that's right don't be afraid, un-soaked dry lentils)
fry them up with the veg for about a minute then add tomatoes
(I prefer to replace some of the stock with the tomato juice from the can)
stir well and add stock

Bring to the boil and then turn down to a simmer for about and hour stirring occasionally.
The end result is quite a thick looking soup, and it should have reduced quite a bit.
About 5 mins from the end on the cooking time add the franks, cutting them into bite size bits (about 1-2cm)
This is best served straight away so after adding the franks get out the bowls and pop some crusty bread on a plate, grate the cheese, you straight need that much just enough to top each bowlful
There is always a fight for the bowl with the most franks in !


1 large tin curried beans
1 red pepper cut into strips
1 onion (small) sliced
1 packet plain crisps

Preheat oven/grill

Heat a little oil in a pan and fry onion & pepper till soft
Add beans and heat though
Transfer to shallow oven proof dish and sprinkle with crunched up crisps
top with grated cheese and shove it in the oven or under grill until cheese melted and golden

Banana and Salad Cream Sandwich

1 banana
2 slices of bread
Salad Cream

Slice banana
butter bread
add banana and salad cream

Sounds gross but is really yummy

Chicken Paprika

Chicken breast cubed
Heinz garlic & herb dressing (the white yoghurt looking one)
lemon juice to taste
onion sliced

fry onions till soft
add chicken and once almost cooked through add paprika (i add until chicken well coated)
stir and cook for a minute or two and add 2 tablespoons of the dressing
mix well and add lemon juice to taste
cook for a few more mins
and serve with rice

Beef brisket

1 good-sized brisket (preferably first-cut)
6 onions, chopped or shredded (*)
4 cloves garlic, minced
Handful kosher salt
1-2 tbsp paprika (I don't measure)
3 tbsp (ish) oil

(*) - the shape doesn't matter really--they need to be large enough so they don't completely dissolve but small enough to go through a food mill. if you have a vegetable slicer/mandoline, you can slice them then cut the slices into quarters.

Sprinkle the meat with flour on both sides.
Heat oil in a large saucepan or Dutch oven.
Brown the brisket on both sides.
Add the onions, garlic, paprika, salt, and just enough water to cover.
Bring to a boil, then turn the heat down to low, cover, and cook till meat is tender (about 3 hours... it's difficult to overcook, but if you under cook, it will be tough).
Remove the brisket and let cool before slicing.

Put the gravy through a food mill or food processor (it will taste fine without this but won't be smooth) and return to pan. It's meant to be thin--if you want it a bit thicker, dissolve a couple spoonfuls of cornstarch (corn flour) in cold water.
Add to the pan, bring to a boil, and boil for one minute.

Slice the brisket about 1/2" thick and return the pieces to the pan to heat through.

Serve with noodles or potatoes; also makes great sandwiches either hot or cold.

Chicken breast roll stuffed with sun riped tomatoes

2 Chicken breast off the bone and skinless
6 sun dried tomatoes (must have been stored in oil - not dry)
6 basil leaves
extra virgin olive oil
fresh ground black pepper
truffle oil (optional).

NOTE - this is just for the main dish of the main course.

Remove the gunk from the chicken breasts and open up, face down (so they form a V). Cover with cling film and use a food mallet, or a flat heavy device to gradually beat out the breasts. This will almost double them in surface area.

Place each breast in the center of a large piece of cling film, again face down.
Season lightly with the salt and pepper.
On the bigger part place a line of 3 sun dried tomatoes (whole not sliced or chopped) in a line against the crease of the V. Place the basil leaves on top. Drizzle over some truffle oil and some extra virgin olive oil.

Move the smaller part of the V over the larger part, so as to cover the tomatoes.
Tightly (or as tight as possible) form the breast in to a roll, and roll up in the cling film.
Tie off one end of the cling film and push the breast down to that end.
Tie off the second end.

Put the bundles in a pan of boiling water for at least 10-15 minutes.

When serving, place the bundle on a chopping board, snip off one of the knots, and slide the breast out. Place one diagonal cut in the bundle, splitting the roll in 2.

Place one half in the center of a plate, rotate the second half and place on top of the first, so as to form an L.

Serve the side dishes either on separate plates, or around the edge. I used some pasta with a home made arbiata sauce drizzled over (the pasta not the chicken)