Songs you want at your funeral

This started out as list on the Mono BBS - part humour part serious - but it's the one of the final desisions your going to have.

(tumble) - it has to be Ottis Redding - Sitting on the dock of a bay - it would be the perfect song

(alexis) - At the moment, I think I'd go for Lou Reed's `Perfect Day'

(kite) - Ding Dong the Witch is Dead?

(boneist) - Lord of the Dance (as in the "dance then, whereever you might be" one) because it was my fave when I was younger, and I like it still &[:-)

(gozza) - "Show me the way to go home"

(beardy) - Prodigy - Firestarter. - Just as my coffin disappeared to be cremated... :)

(ritchie) - Has to be "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who

(plissken) - Pearl Jam - Indifference. Because the lyrics can be taken so many different ways.

(flippy) - Leave - REM. Nice.

(tackline) - I Should be so Lucky, Kylie - serves all you bastards right.

(westley) - Abide with me. Hardly original, but it's *so* nice.

(sterling) - Hmm, difficult choice

one of the following i think

You could be Mine, Guns n Roses
Nothing else Matters (Metallica)
Cliched one here, but how about Stairway to heaven :)

Or we could go for the comedy vote

Take on me, A-ha

(trinity) - 'Godlike' by KMFDM.

(kite) - Hmm - maybe 'We'll find our own way' by Gene....

(quaestor) - G.T.O - Tip Of The Iceberg (Jesus Jones mix) from the DataTrax 2 EP on React recs.

(quaestor) - Aside: (a Bill Drummond project)

(mormegil) - Last Exit For The Lost, by Fields of the Nephilim ("Would you pay life's pleasures to see me/Does it hurt that I want you to remain")

(clout) - At my funeral, I'd like them to play something relevant: Going Underground - The Jam

(f1gp) - Knocking on Heaven's Door

(f1gp) - Staying Alive - Bee Gees

(kroz) - it'll be the song by Half Man Half Biscuit that has the lyric: "Don't let my funeral be morose in any way..."

(jazz) - Britney... "Oops.. I Did It Again!"

(madman) - Possibly just to take the mick, "The Winker's Song (Misprint)" by Ivor Biggun and the Red Nosed Burglers.

(euroboy) - I would go for something by Gene too. Too much to choose from, and anyway I can't remember what they are called. There is one called 'For The dead'...

(flippy) - "We could be kings"? With the immortal line "Will you feed me from your bum". Gene rock.

(sterling) - Who wants to live forever , -Queen :)

(kinkajou) - "Try not to breathe" - REM...

(widgy) - Durufle Requiem / Pizetti Requiem. Take him, earth, for cherishing (perhaps a bit self-important)

(kroz) - Any hardcore drum'n'bass/jungle.

(lucanist) - "Blue Light" The Orchids.

(mormegil) - "Terminus" by Rome Burns

"As you are now so I once was
As I am now so you will be
Look at me look at me look at me now"

(spasm) - The Comedians, Elvis Costello

"I should be drinking a toast to absent friends Instead of these comedians"

(nancyboy) - my mum always says 'always look on the bright side of life' by m. python ;)

(hangus) - The Terminator Theme Tune .... now that would be very, very appropriate.

(madbob) - Probably some Monaco / New Order track that nobody's ever heard of before. Maybe "God moving over the face of the waters" (moby) would be more appropriate though. Or perhaps just "I am the resurrection"... ;r)

(tnt) - spirit in the sky?? hmmm.... Mars - Holsts planets suite....
don't tread on me - Metallica (best played when being covered up)
Brave Man - Ezio

(pilot) - Flat erics - Mr. Ozio

(nicename) - Dead Men Don't Need Season Tickets - Half Man Half Biscuit

(pilot) - Another one bites the dust. - ???

(kinkajou) - "Dead" by They might be Giants...

(nicename) - That song, Iiii..... Ain't got no baahhdy, no body, no etc..

(desade) - either 'show must go on' by queen or 'i will survive', both for th irony factor/.

(kroz) - "I'm Alive" by Stretch & Vern. Complete with Ibiza-esque foam party.

(piper) - dear friends by queen its just simple and to the point and only slightly sappy

(septic) - Fade to Black

(kallisti) - Oops I Did It Again

(kent) - The Music to Captain Scarlet. Including the "Captain Scarlet is indestructible, you are not; do not attempt to do the things he does"

(fuchsia) - Head, shoulders, knees and toes. Goodness knows if I'll still have those by then though.

(rathenar) - Definitely something by Iron Maiden, probably "Children of the Damned" or "Evil That Men Do".

Oh, and possibly the Moody Blues, either "Nights in White Satin" or "Your Wildest Dreams".

To be quite honest I'm tempted to just ensure that I leave enough money in my will for there to be a rock night held at my funeral. I love the idea of having a 110-decibel wake!

(kallisti) - "Suited and Booted" by My Life Story might be nice.

All dolled up for the afterlife...

(drut) - So quiet by nik kershaw or Driftwood by Travis, failing that I could have the theme tune to the Generation game

(flatline) - This Is A Lie by the Cure.

(kent) - Candle In The Wind. And I want Elton John to write a new verse.

(vienna) - theme tune to red dwarf

(bozzball) - some really wack john cage stuff.

(piper) - and the earth dies screaming by tom waits ;)

(flatline) - Sway by Coalchamber

(daisy) - the time warp!!!!!

(simmons) - "A Toute Le Monde" by Megadeth

or "Don't stop me now" by Queen

or "Trigger Happy" by 'Wierd Al' Yankovick

(flatline) - Clubbed to Death by Rob D. Especially if I suffer/experience a drug-booze-dance-related death. Beautiful.

(deceiver) - 'Help Me I'm In Hell' by NIN. I probably won't be cause I'm fantastic, but still... it's kinda amusing.

(deceiver) - 'The Everlasting Gaze' by Smashing Pumpkins. For the opening lines of 'You know i'm not dead, you know i'm not dead'

(flatline) - One Hundred years by the Cure. For the opening line "It doesn't matter if we all die."

(daisy) - fade to black by metallica would be cool...

(kroz) - Nah, sod that -- "Creeping Death" by Metallica. If you're going to do something like that, then do it properly. In fact, get Metallica in to play it live.

(mormegil) - You should try Manuskript's "Plastic Fangs" or London After Midnight "Shatter (All My Dead Friends)"

(flatline) - The Hokey Cokey.

(kallisti) - The Intense Humming of Evil, by the Manics - would set a nice mood.

(simmons) - Suicide Solution, by Ozzy Osbourne

(muppet) - well duh, songs i want at my funeral:
GnR: Sympathy for the devil (im going to need a friend where i'm going)
Nick cave: the weeping song (shut up, i know its soppy but i like it)
Megadeth: Tornado of Souls (followed by a 20 gigaton nuclear detonation)

(hangus) - i've changed mine to ....

"Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" by Metallica

"Home Sweet Home" by Motley Crue

"Halloween" by Helloween - cos mybirthday falls on that day

"Dead by Christmas" by Hanoi Rocks

and the big finale ....

"All Hallows Eve" by Type O Negative played at very high volume and pyrotechnics going off that spell in the end "F**k you!"

(daisy) - how about watch the children pray by metal church? (nnoooooo it isnt bible bashing)

(anam) - hhmm all out offense

to drunk to F**k by theDead Kennedys
Bela lugosi by Bauhuas

or If I was feeling generous

Your Ghost by Kristen hersh

(the_magi) - Knockin' On Heaven's Door (not Guns'b'Roses rehash)

(tjc) - Aha, thought about this quite a lot

Either will be played at my marriage or funeral ( the latter is much more likely to happen I suspect):

'Fight for your right (to party)' -- Beastie Boys.

deceiver) - Looking Forward - XC-NN

(fuchsia) - Life of Agony - Let's pretend

(sleepy) - We've Only Just Begun by Karen Carpenter

(bogbrush) - The Birdee song, and all the mourners have to stand up and do the actions! *cackles*

(fuchsia) - ooh..

I'll have the Chicken Song then, yeah!

(bozzball) - theme tune from 'muppet babies'

deceiver) - Memories Of Green by Vangelis.

That'll start them crying!!

(the_magi) - "Don't Fear The Reaper"

(sleepy) - The theme music to CNN Live

(bozzball) - "marvin i love you"

(the_magi) - "Going on up to the Spirit in the sky" - Norman Greenbaum

(bozzball) - Thou Knave from Twelfth Night..

(the_magi) - "Dead, dead, dead" - Mr Hankey's Chistmas Album

(daisy) - fly away by lenny kravitz...