Various Links

Geek News

Slashdot - Always has something to say

Help Net Security - Catch up on the latest happenings





Board Games

Leisure Games - Shop that does mail-order - very helpful

Spirit Games - Another shop that does mail-order - was most impressed with the service

Web-Grognards: THE site for wargames on the web


Online Games

Cat-a-pult - What do you do when your gladiator arena is infested with cute, furry kittens?



UK Radio Frequency Bands

The Gum Tree - Australian's in London - good place to find flats


Wierd but Cool

Bizarre stuff you can make in your kitchen - does excactly what is says on the tin

Crank Dot Net - Just full of cranks and crackpot's

Cruel Site of the Day - New site every day!!

Anders Mad Scientist Page - Great set of links if your starting out

Federation of American Scientists - Find out what our brothers across the water are getting up to

How to... make your own Stormtrooper costume - Yep, you too can be buffing up your helmet in no time

Matchstick Rockets - Go on, you know you want to (except if your under 18 or on medication or may have a heart attack or...) - Learn how Everything Works!

192 - Find your long lost friends - just a tad too scary the ammount of info on here

We are Robots - Robots who tell it like it is


Ally Sheedy Links (OK so I'm a fan)

Ally Sheedy Pages - One of the best

Snails Archive

The Ally Sheedy Road


Gothic - For when your feeling a little black

Black Rose - Gothic Specialty Store


Mail - Freak out your friends and send mail Anonymously

Twigger - Check your ISP mail from work!!


Answering Machine

Answering Machine - Some great messages, just download them


Download Games

Nethack - A great game and Very Very Addictive (and it's free)


Net Tools

Church of the Swimming Elephant Toolbox - Loads of fun stuff to do

IP Address Index

Netcraft - Check out what that web site is runing



SouthOrd - Some great quaility products and quick at sending them

Lockpicking Infopaedia - Some good info

MIT Guide to Lock Picking - A Classic



Alltheweb - Still my Fav



British Fencing - the official British Fencing web page